Friday, October 1, 2010

First day of October...nine days until 10-10-10

I wanted to find a walk for my little family to do during this time. But I am a single mom and I know it would take more than sheer will and snacks to keep my two babies preoccupied for the two to three hours I would need to take part in a 5k.
So my focus now is on Halloween and getting costumes and supplies to have a great set up for the kids this year. The boy will be Spider Man and the girl is planning on being a bumble bee, just need to get the tights and some shoes for her outfit and we will be set.
I am onto coupons and discount sites. So far I've done well. I saved 26.00 at Safeway and I was able to save 15.00 at Walgreen's so I am off to a good start. Still figuring out the rules and regulations of the coupon world. Wish me luck.