Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Year of Service

I applied and was chosen to participate in the 34 CFR Section 263 grant implemented by the Office of Indian Education and I am currently completing a twelve month repayment period and had to take a minute to look at the year and see if I was able to exceed and apply my training to the best of my ability.

I am currently in an early head start on my reservation in a community down the road from my mom's house and I am having a good time and I love the challenge of integrating assessment and forethought into our monthly activity. LOVE IT, and I was able to attend a meeting last month with the Wyoming Department of Education to gather input on the Every Student Succeeds Act and I was very excited for two reasons; the first was that I was in a room of adults and had the opportunity to interact with people outside of my work and child care environments.

The second reason I was very excited to attend and spent two days prior to the meeting organizing my children and double checking with care givers for the evening was because I was attending a meeting that was encompassing my life. I attended confidently as an educator and as a parent of students in public school and as  mother of a child with an identified learning disability (a very complex one!). I loved it, I had a whole entire table to myself, and I actually went early to be able to check my email and review the ESSA. I was asked to define my role as an attendee to the meeting and I rattled down my list of being a mother, parent volunteer, committee member, and educator and I hadn't ever taken  the time to define or clarify the designation.

I have spent a number of years working as a support staff member to educators and administrators and have been able to watch and grow and apply a variety of skill sets to meet goals and needs of our students and I feel that I am right where I need to be. I have served on a number of educational committees and have enjoyed my time in my local school district as a student and as a paraprofessional and staff member. I am, however, humbled and blessed to be able to see my students become parents and see their joy and their determination in helping their children.

I am so glad that I have the support of my family to be able to invest in myself by finishing my bachelors degree and I look forward to the next ten years in working toward additional degrees to help me gain a better understanding of academia and how I can empower my students and children to maximize their knowledge and make informed decisions.