Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 31 & Feeling Fine!

I feel good, other than the iron ripping my guts up a little bit here and there I think me and the baby boy are handling the pregnancy with a little more dignity than the last pregnancy.

He is growing and moving, he just figured out how to turn himself so he is now head down and feet right in my stomach so we had some heartburn at 3 a.m. Tums aren't too bad but he was comfy and slept after he figured out he wasn't going to be able to turn around for a few more hours so we made it through the night.

If he's anything like his brother and sister I'm sure I'll be sleeping on the couch in a sitting position and I am a little anxious about that. I think my daughter resented me a little while she was in my tummy-she would stretch and stretch hoping that she'd find a little bit more room if she shoved hard enough on a lung. She still has a strong personality and I am hoping this little guy continues to be easy going like he is now.

Taking the oldest to the doc today. His eczma has cleared but he's developed a blister that I am afraid looks a lot like MRSA so we are heading to the doctor to make sure we get it taken care of before it gets worse or his body shares the MRSA love.