Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty twelve v.1

I am right where I'm suppose to be. I believe my life has been going in the direction I wasn't even paying attention to, so things worked out great regardless of my inability to comprehend what was going on. I love it. Good times over here.

I have two wonderful children, ages four and two.I am expecting my final baby in a few more months so I am ready to jump head long into parenthood and put the life cycle of pregnancy behind me. I have an awesome dog that loves the sound of my car and waits for me to come out of my house every morning just so he can greet me. I am even grateful for our constantly starving cat that speaks in monosyllables in expressing her hunger that we are failing to recognize every other hour.

My partner, my boyfriend, he and I have been on/off but a part of each others lives for over ten years and for the most part it's been blissful. We get along, we  have adapted to each others habits and continue to learn new things with each other. He is the closest thing I have to a best friend so I am happy with the life I have.

Christmas has come and gone, we are looking at purchasing a home of some sort, and I'm ready to accept whatever comes our way for the new year.