Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New year and new outlook. We are in our 31st week of pregnancy and expecting to see our son the week of March 20th. My daughter has affectionately named him 'Danny Boy' and we refer to him as such. Both children are excited and understand that we are bringing another baby into our home. My son isn't as happy as my daughter but I believe it must be in her disposition to be such a sweet heart so I am looking forward to sharing this lifetime with her by my side.

Return to the school schedule has begun. Both are adapting well, she better than he. I think that was to be expected, with his progress in the immersion not going so well, we are in the process of creating some sight words and phrases to share in the home for everyone to memorize and use on a daily basis. This should improve his participation in the classroom and hopefully give him some confidence in their year end presentation.

Home life is consistent and we are working on our new year goal of organizing and planning our weekly schedules. So far this is the first week we've documented every expense and every meal that is consumed. As we progress I will keep you informed and provide links back to the blogs that have given me great 'nesting' tools that I plan to use throughout the next six months until it becomes a habit.