Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Two years and twenty-two days of goodness with this awesome animal. Scooby has been our constant companion for the past few years and he is doing a great job. We love having him around our home and he is showing a great deal of promise and friendship to the horses and rabbits that live on the Wright Property. 
He had booster shots on MLK. He did very well and even saved up a sample for the vet's office. The kids both went with their dad to the vet but stayed in the car. They actually didn't get to help with any of the visit just enjoy breakfast at their grandmother's house afterward.
We live in a great area, we are scheduled to move out in October 2012 and as of this week I am not sure what our plans will be. The more information I find on home ownership the more confident I am becoming in being a lifetime renter. The expense is beyond me and I know that my income would not suffice if we ran into some major renovation and I am not comfortable borrowing beyond six months of salary that I may possibly not ever be able to pay back.
So until I have a better plan in place. We will savor the months we have and hope that Scooby continues to enjoy his freedom and neighborly visits.