Monday, January 23, 2012

Baking Bread & Learning About Yeast

I baked two dozen dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and Manhattan rolls for a birthday party this past Saturday. I made it through the baking and the cringe of adding yeast to milk & water at the exact temperature of 120 degrees and waiting to see if the magic would truly happen. Guess what, it did! It honestly did, I was in shock and awe just like the first time baker I was hoping to become.
In the mist of the baking and rolling and covering, I had a mini pregnant lady break down. In the past few weeks I've been very emotional and crying in bouts that I am starting to question, so in the effort to get more friendly chemicals rockin, I've started walking after work and maintain a pretty steady pace for at least 20 minutes.  SO back to to the story...
Our oven was on all day, never did that before but figured it was worth the money and it also kept my dough nice and cozy while it was rising. The kids didn’t mind too much but working on bread while sorting through steps in the recipe kind of kept me on my toes.
The recipes I found online were amazing and gave me a lot of confidence going into the baking process. Luckily for me, I had  a bowl the right size and fit the needs of my baking. Good thing I don’t give up much in the way of storing dishes because I could have been in a bind but figured my way through it all.
The cinnamon rolls were awesome, the Manhattan rolls turned out great, wish I would have added more burger, but in working with that I had it was an accomplishment. The cheese sauce was a little too thick and seeing how gelatinous it became I was grossed out in thinking of how it has GOT to stick to your insides in a similar manner!
In a few more months when I have the resources and the flour in the house, I plan to work on the dinner roll recipe and a few loaves to see how they turn out. Wish me luck!