Friday, December 9, 2011

16 Days to Go

This was my early spring four years ago. I love it. Hanging out in the Teton Valley east of Jackson Hole. Great students and an eye opening experience when we all realized how many goldfish were alive and well in the middle of a hot spring in Wyoming.

I think about that day a lot and I believe there are crocodiles alive in the sewers of NYC because I've seen these crazy fish using the survival skills they were given to adapt and make the most the situation.

SO back to the topic at hand-sixteen days until Christmas. I have a plan to get each of my children two gifts each. That would include the basics-socks & underwear and a decent toy that we can manage.

On the same note, I have a family in mind to get toys for. I met a family with five children ages 8, 6, 5, 4, 2 and another baby on the way. I figure they have enough on their plate just getting by that I will look into getting them each a gift...a budget of at least 10 bucks a piece...I don't know what it is but this situation breaks my heart. I know their personal struggle is theirs for a reason but growing up in a large family with two years between me and my older brother and younger brother it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my mom made it through. Knowing what we struggled through I hate to have such a young group of children going through a hard time.

For my kiddos they both are into morning cartoons. So I found some great movie deals and it was worth the ten minutes to sort and find.

Other plans for the winter would be possibly going on a ski trip with my kids and their dad. Heading back up to Jackson to try and make some good family time. If we don't do the day of skiing then maybe we will take the Elk Refuge wagon ride.

So tomorrow I will look at other deals and try to find something worth writing about.