Monday, October 25, 2010

And...moving on.

I love the fall season. I like the colors, I love the weather, and I adore the fact that there are no bugs! Speaking of bugs, I have a whole infestation of little beetle critters in the Cottonwoods.
...just went to Google and I believe I have white margin burrower bugs...good times at my house. I have so many of these darn things I thought they were coffee grounds sprinkled along the side of the house and under the tree-till I noticed the whole pile was moving. I just walked away and swallowed the barf back down.
So other than that just working on the ole yard. Getting ready to pile and burn some leaves so I can get to the bottom of the infestation. I also have bulbs I was hoping to get into the ground before too long. Good times at my house.
My gigantic baby puppy needs a tack shed. he is too large for a dog house and I know he's uncomfortable sleeping on our covered porch and trying to lay underneath our steps because one end is always hanging out. I am going to see what I can make for him...maybe I should make him a little winter camp like this one.
This might actually be a perfect winter home for him since he is a little bit of a wimp but he's so large that he gets hot and I could haul his three sleeping bags in there so he could really snooze.
I will run the idea by their dad and see if he can make something for the pup. Poor guy, he's big enough to bring indoors and get him to sleep on a bed but I can't handle letting that big boy in and out once the snow hits...and he's gassy and I would have to bathe him...ewe.