Thursday, July 15, 2010

June Was Great

Here are a few highlights of my June.

Kids are doing awesome, daughter is trying to walk. Crawling was a little freaky, she was trying to crawl with her bottom in the air and it didn't work out so she went back to crawling normal.
My son is still getting his hulk smash on.

He loves him some Bruce Banner. I never had this sort of attraction to anything but a couple of songs off of some corny 80's movies but I grew out of it so there is hope for my son. I feel sorry for him when I put these on the cover of his 16th birthday party invites.

My other child, my youngest baby is learning how to hold is own and follow direction from our body language and small noises. He is fighting magpies & cows and becoming confident in himself. I think he will always be a baby at heart and keep his temperament and wits about him.