Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favorite Catalogs

Before I post, I have been a fan of catalogs my entire life. I have friends who have created their dream life inside pages of magazines. My friend Bri even created a lifestyle within the pages of so many catalogs with his photographic memory. I cannot even begin to tell you the many other uses of catalogs. Growing up with not a lot of money, and as an adult it is still really satisfying to order something and have it arrive 3-7 days later with the EXACT item in the picture.
  • Title 9-What is not to love about a healthy vibrant, feminine magazine like this! Fun in the sun, and amazing bios on women living their dream life with hardcore underwear and a ton of skorts to choose from.
  • Patagonia-The seasonal magazines come with stories on the contributors and the people they sponsor in a variety of events. The clothes are listed female to male and pricing is reasonable if you want to INVEST in clothing as opposed to shopping prior to the start of every season.
  • Pottery Barn-Everything and anything you could possibly imagine for hip family gatherings can be found here. The Children Pottery Barn is great for spring purchases for fall outfits. I love the backpacks and the personalization. My school aged children love having backpacks and water bottles with their names on them.
  • Schwan-Where else can you find frozen shelled peas and fully cooked, frozen, and uniform cut sweet potatoes! I love the ice cream flavors and just LOOKING at the cookie dough, breads, and meat. If I could buy meat for a week out of this magazine as opposed to cooking and freezing my own I would totally buy into the Schwan scheme of things.