Monday, June 21, 2010

Magazines I Love to Buy

  • Consumer Reports-Shop Smart Magazine.  Good reviews and right to the point. The last issue I bought helped me buy a decent grill and save a little bit of money on weighing the pros and cons of a credit card bill.
  • Body+Soul-Published by the wizard that is Martha Stewart and offers a lot of strong advice with recommendation for supporting the empire. These tend to repeat themselves every four years but if you are a dirty, disgusting home maker like I am, these tips and tricks are refreshing every time I see them in print!
  • Family Fun-Published by Disney, this magazine has a lot of information that I cannot find on the Martha Stewart website. I love how the magazine offers more cost-effective recipes and projects. I think the most expensive craft for June was buying the modge-podge stuff to make the tissue paper bowls.