Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Life Continium

There are a number of changes and life events effecting a lot of people around me and individuals who have impacted my life both positively and in a negative nature. I wanted to take a few minutes to put this into some sort of perspective.
I am an older woman now and it's finally dawned on me what it means to pray for someone. Offering prayers or good thoughts for people has been a form of expressing love-because it is all you have to give. I don't have much to offer others and what I have in abundance is love. There were years I worked very hard and long hours to provide and I was successful and since I have changed gears and begin at the bottom of my field I have humbled myself enough to know that all I have to offer is a positive outlook and support the best way I can provide it. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

My happy  things are very simple. Today the things that make me happy are the same things that have made me happy for most of my life and I cannot ask for any more than that.

I am on the final stretch of the holiday break and I have yet to study and complete a few observations and planning for the spring of 2017. I hope to finish by this afternoon and have the rest of the day to complete tasks around our home.

The list, I love lists, I haven't taken as much initiative in the past to stick to but the past year has been very busy so I have had to rely on pen and paper a lot more to get all aspects of the day complete in a reasonable amount of time. I can explain my list briefly.
     1. My children love to giggle and laugh and when it happens with two of them, everyone else has a tendency to want to see what is so funny so we all end up having a good time.
2. I have spent some time doing a lot of self assessment and trying to fill in the gaps of learning I either didn't focus on, or grazed over in order to focus on another area of study. So here I go relearning and looking for opportunities for application or research.
3. I struggle with laundry, my evenings are spent attempting to keep the piles to a minimum and sometimes I imagine how the young people at Old Navy must feel after Black Friday sales end.
4. I love my crock pot. I am a single mom with four kiddos under the age of ten and I think my relationship with my crock pot is the most reliable. I can leave in the morning know that one chore off of my mom list will be complete when I get home.
5. We've recently moved into an apartment and I intentionally waited to get a mattress for my amazing bed frame because I wanted to save the money to invest in a great mattress. I made a good choice and I love my bed. I have a space to myself when I need it or a place for the children and I to hang out. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Year of Service

I applied and was chosen to participate in the 34 CFR Section 263 grant implemented by the Office of Indian Education and I am currently completing a twelve month repayment period and had to take a minute to look at the year and see if I was able to exceed and apply my training to the best of my ability.

I am currently in an early head start on my reservation in a community down the road from my mom's house and I am having a good time and I love the challenge of integrating assessment and forethought into our monthly activity. LOVE IT, and I was able to attend a meeting last month with the Wyoming Department of Education to gather input on the Every Student Succeeds Act and I was very excited for two reasons; the first was that I was in a room of adults and had the opportunity to interact with people outside of my work and child care environments.

The second reason I was very excited to attend and spent two days prior to the meeting organizing my children and double checking with care givers for the evening was because I was attending a meeting that was encompassing my life. I attended confidently as an educator and as a parent of students in public school and as  mother of a child with an identified learning disability (a very complex one!). I loved it, I had a whole entire table to myself, and I actually went early to be able to check my email and review the ESSA. I was asked to define my role as an attendee to the meeting and I rattled down my list of being a mother, parent volunteer, committee member, and educator and I hadn't ever taken  the time to define or clarify the designation.

I have spent a number of years working as a support staff member to educators and administrators and have been able to watch and grow and apply a variety of skill sets to meet goals and needs of our students and I feel that I am right where I need to be. I have served on a number of educational committees and have enjoyed my time in my local school district as a student and as a paraprofessional and staff member. I am, however, humbled and blessed to be able to see my students become parents and see their joy and their determination in helping their children.

I am so glad that I have the support of my family to be able to invest in myself by finishing my bachelors degree and I look forward to the next ten years in working toward additional degrees to help me gain a better understanding of academia and how I can empower my students and children to maximize their knowledge and make informed decisions.