Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hierarchy of Needs

Here we go again, spring time is in the air and so is the excitement of trying to figure out how the summer will proceed. For the field of work that I now find myself it is a number of questions with the most pressing being: how to develop safe environments.

There are so many factors but Maslow had some divine intervention to develop such a clear and concise theory. The coming week will be transforming and revealing for what we can accomplish or the coming quarter and year.

Friday, March 23, 2018

To Carry On

In my mother's final days we were able to listen to some songs that were meaningful to her and allowed us a look into her life as a younger woman and the importance of mercy and closure in finding peace at the end of life.

My seven siblings and I laid our wonderful mother to rest on March 7th and I have waited sixteen days to process and allow myself to get my footing and release some of the grief and loneliness I have been keeping to myself. I am grateful for the gift of time and I do not resent or hold any negative feelings toward the situation because it will be something in my life I will never be able to fully process or accept. So I choose to be grateful for time, for the will, and for the empathy and grace of peace that was granted to my mother.

I am very fortunate to have been born in the middle of two brothers and have the gift of being the youngest daughter my mother raised. I had the gift of time and experience to allow me to become a well-rounded woman, not lady, but woman. I observed her capacity to stand on her own two feet and create a life for us. I know I too, can make the life I would like as opposed to what I can gain. I attribute that to my mother. I give her credit for providing me the guidance to not only know, but to believe, that I could determine my life.

This year has been a huge transition for my family. We have learned how to grow into adulthood and with that change, we've also learned about the responsibility to share experiences, both good and bad have been a big part of this stage in life. For a long time I have allowed people to determine my social role and responsibility in my community. I am slowly coming into my own and I know that I have done what I can to offer help or guidance for my family and friends in their time of need. I share my experience in this lifetime freely and without negative response because it's a part of living and growing into who and what we are meant to do in this world.

Above all else I am grateful for my community, my newe-my people, for holding me and my little family up as I adapt to this part of life and learn to move on without my bia'-my mother. There hasn't ever been a time where my parent was ever disappointed in the life I've made and I know in my heart I will do what I can to continue to make her proud and enjoy my life with her in my spirit and with me always.

Thank you for reading I appreciate your support.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Metastasis Road Tripping

So I have a road trip to make with someone near and dear to my heart. My goal in providing a music and movie filled ride is to gather information. Not only about the person I believe I know, but the woman she was before I came into her world. 

This trip will also begin a new chapter in my life because I want to learn the intimate 'why' and 'how' cancer develops and how in the hell our people can develop and grow so many unique types and stages of this ravenous marauder. 

It is a marauder, but there are so many traits of the cells that mirror our own journey into 2017, we've adapted, we have learned to assimilate, and we too, have always been here. Is there a way to make amends or reignite the DNA our indigenous bones carry to remind the carcinoma how to create a biosphere? No, okay it was worth a try.

I watched, "High Fidelity" Directed by John Frears and I am sorting through playlists on #Spotify trying to determine what makes a perfect me what you have.